Time Stop For None?

As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you)

(P.S. April 2nd 2020, Writeup)

Time stop for none, they said but were they telling the truth? Or am I living in a nightmare or the entire shitty world is living in a nightmare. In my 22 years old existence, I believed this phase open-heartedly but was I wrong?Or from nowhere this phase decided to change itself.

Maybe ‘TIME’ itself is tired, tired of all the bullshit happening around so TIME itself decided to stop and show the world the real term and meaning of  hopelessness.

Every human is in a cage, A cage which they build with all their pride and proud which they used to call as ‘home’ – fully hi-tech cage. A cage full of their loved ones, still they are not happy, still they are suffocating. So maybe TIME decided to catch each and everyone into his claws and make them taste just a drop of ‘loathe-venom’.

‘Time stop’, never happened before, Every day is a hopeless Sunday, Every work is just timepass, Every heartbeat is waste, Every thought is in vain, Freedom is in prison, Energy-draining yet no outsource, Hopes dying in a corner, Soul suffocating bit by bit, The sky is nowhere a limit now. 

This time loop of ‘shit another useless day started to finally completed a day’ is getting on my nerves. I never fear death nor I am doing it right now but this situation of dying without freedom is messing my head up.

It has been days I haven’t seen a single tree, my plants are dying(have no F idea why), No walking with beautiful huge trees – standing tall waving open wide sky full of the star and hope along with heart dropping charming Moon, no podcast vibes, no swimming for peace, just dull series-movies-games, Running on a treadmill staring hopelessly at wall dreaming about restlessness, book, and dark chocolate stocks are almost over, and the list goes on and on but the point being, here I am not complaining because I know some people don’t even have their homes for survival and all this emotion of mine is making no sense, adding to the fact that I am an ‘Extra-hyper claustrophobic bossy adult’ which is making this situation more and more worst with no bonded time period to be contingent on.

This situation also forces me to question myself  “what is the most important thing ‘FREEDOM’ or ‘SURVIVAL’ ”?– to all my surprise, the answer was totally against my will & ideology but you never know when this answer get back to my origin cause that the motive of my living….!

According to Wikipedia freedom is ‘Having the ability to act or change without constraint’– without constraint which is directly conflicting TIME and TIME is in no mood for that, Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to define it ”, I hope and pray we all have that courage to bounce back to humanity.

Till then let’s just give a try to be a better version of our yesterday-self, for-us, our families, surroundings, animals, nature and including  Homo-sapiens of all-caste-creed-religion-color-gender-thinking-status-…..- just for a sake of flesh and blood.

Hopefully, TIME will prove his point and give us a chance to bounce back to humanity, till then the only thing that matters and the only hope is 

ASTIGHFAR (seeking forgiveness from ALMIGHTY)






Infinite Dua(pray)

Dear Birds

Dear Birds,

Thank you for showing me that, I can fly as high as I can, With whoever I want to fly, And this cage is temporary, And will teach me patience which I lack so badly in the past;

Thank you for showing me that, Calmness brings melody hymn with it, Just needs to hear it carefully;

Thank you for showing me that, In the time of difficulties, Unity is all that matters, And going with the flow is somewhat necessary;

Thank you for showing me that, When there is a chance to fly high, Open your wings as wide as possible, Without fearing anybody, And just fly free and high;

Thank you for showing me that, Along with survival, the regularity which we take up so casually is actually a source of living,  Even more than survival sometimes;

Thank you for showing me that, When the sky is full of deadly threads ready to cut your throat out, Flying is most beautiful there;

Thank you for showing me that, With the hope of touching the sky every morning, When you fly so high but still can’t make it, It’s ok to return to the ground in the evening, And making your dream and strategies more high and stronge for the next fly;

Thank you for showing me that, You don’t need to choose a unidirectional way, There is entire sky direction waiting for you to explore;

Thank you for showing me that, Even sky throws lightning and rain, To distract you and to hurt you, But the only thing that matters is Focusing the aim and spirit of never giving up;

Thank you for showing me that, No matter of blue, black, grey or Together all the color of the sky is, Love is mandatory and must  in hard times;

Thank you for showing me that, Growth is necessary, Growing together is glorifying, But waiting at the end for that someone growth is very important and underrated;

Thank you for showing me that, Without you, even sky look dull, And just a portal of beauty   Same old every day;

Thank you for being there with me, Even when I was not there for me;

Thank You Dear Birds

P.S: I wrote this poem in lockdown when i was desperately finding some motivation to face the hard situation and as a Nephophile was just hopelessly looking up and magically motivation kick in and the outcome is this poem. I hope you will find some motivation too.


As-salamu alaykum (Peace be upon you) 

Word”   is a pair of alphabets used to express something to someone,

Words” are a pair of combinations of N-numbers of alphabets used to express a lot of things to someone,

More like a sequence of phonemes that can be uttered in isolation with objective or practical meanings. A general idea about a word that is subconsciously known by all of us but never given the emphasis on its importance. No amount of power in this world would have been converted into a more powerful situation or powerful outcome if words were not used in a proper manner.

We ‘The Humans’ are full of emotions of all types and shades, how would we have dive into the ocean of each emotion, if words were not used well. A single change in word can change the entire scenario upside-down, 

A heavenly relationship into a hell, A war into a peaceful resolution, A sad soul into a happy soul, A suicidal mind into a life source, A crying child into a laughing child, A boring evening into an exciting evening, 


Vice-versa of mentioned scenarios.

I truly believe that ALMIGHTY has given us the biggest gift in the form of words, How accurately we use words and when, where, in front of whom with proper amount and sense, define us,  and our situation. As a child when we start learning to speak, we just emphasize on main words rather than a sentence and then slowly developed the real way out and skills of any language but with the passage of time and increment in our age and ego, beautiful words become a deadly weapon, which is chosen to destroy someone peace of mind.

A good person always carries a good dictionary of words and, A bad person always carries a bad dictionary of words but the point over here is they aren’t born naturally with a good or a bad dictionary, in fact, they were born with a plain empty dictionary which they themselves convert into a good dictionary/bad dictionary over time as a result of their own capabilities of overcoming and facing any given situation.

Being a Blogger, Writer, Author, Speaker, Anchor, Poet, I am obsessed with words and the art of using them, at present I don’t know how good or otherwise my dictionary of words is, but I am fully aware of the responsibilities of my impact of words on others while using on any of my platforms and also it is perfectly fine for me if I get lost, as long as I discover myself in Every Paragraph, Every Word, Every Space, and Writes on the line and reads between the same line and the same holds for you all as well. 

The art of using words is an extraordinary art, which rarely mastered by anyone yet practice by most of us but I believe this life is quite short to get a master’s degree in “Art of Words”. For years together I was having a delusion that a writer ‘whose main work is to express his/her feelings or idea through words‘ are the people who has a master degree in Art of words but little did I know I was in a clear state of delusion, A rain of wisdom hit me hard when I myself started my journey as a writer.

There isn’t such a rule or syllabus to go through and maybe no one gives that much thought process on how important and how to use words but the brutal truth is that our whole life revolves around words and make Words the utmost important concept in our life. If you ever want to see a bipolar nature of words and its outcome just go and find yourself a chance to witness a ‘love proposal scene’ for flowery words and  ‘love breakup scene’ for thorny words, you yourself will realize the concept of using of words. As words are driven by background emotions and state of mind of an individual, like a reflection of one soul, a sort of self-awareness helps one to clear their mind and outcome of words.

A combination of watchful mind and control words bring stability of outcome words or maybe a direction as to where, how and when words are to be used so that one day maybe you can at least walk on the road which leads us to the footprint of master’s class called as  ‘Art of Words’


I might  be a good writer

but Without you  WORDS,

I can’t survive a gap of space 

Without you WORDS,

I am paralyse

Without you WORDS,

I  am soulless

Without you  WORDS,

I am coffeeless

Without you WORDS,

I am numb

Without you WORDS,

I am a dull moon

But with you WORDS,

I just complete myself in all chaos full absurd situation,


As-salamu alaykum (Peace be upon you)

I am Soha Kapadia an Engineer with a passionate mind about writing and poetry.

My strong background as a free speaker and an anchor also indulged me in podcast making

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My work is mainly about the topic that is emotionally sensitive and mostly left untouched by an individual’s thought process and my main motive behind my work is to make people aware of their emotional state and alongside provide an easy way out through my own walked down experiences. As a public speaker, I am open to any idea and discussion on my work by any of the readers is more than welcome, just pen down your message at sohas.words@gmail.com