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  • Women’s day…..!
    Happy women’s day to all the fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, sirs, in-laws, boy friends and,to all the men in our lives who never ever discriminate our existence and are always so proud of us
  • Hopelessly lost
    As-salamu alaykum(Peace be upon you) There are situations in life where you know what to do and with that ‘what to do’ you get a confidence booster as well but what to do in a situation where you can’t stop chanting ‘I don’t know’. In this post I tried to pen down a poetic approach towards hopelessness and how you can’t give up in the worst of the worst scenario. This poem is for you, me, us, and everyone who ever felt this way, so let’s just dive in;/ How to feel happy? I Don’t Know How to stop feeling … Continue reading Hopelessly lost
  • Lovenote-Coffee❤
    #InternationalCoffeeDay  Every second~ I long to hold you so tight like there’s no other but just You&Me,I need you,I want you,In all my mood swings above and beyond,I have to have you anyhoo,Your Warmth,Your Smell,Your Kiss,N……and everything that i can’t express as Ineffable emotions are damn difficult to put into words but You My Love, More than Love❤💌
  • Falling Apart
    And just like that ….. Moon shining in the Memories,   Star becoming Falling Star,   Wind changing its Direction,  Clouds traveling in a Foreign Land, Sky watching the Departure,  Birds hoping for Sun Rays, Eyes lingering for Rain, Trees trying to hang some positivity,  Flower blossoming in the Hopes, But still, Everything is falling apart  Everything is fading away In million ways, In million hopes, In million tears, In million pieces,
  • Dispatching The Feelings
    As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you) In this judgmental human race where everyone is busy judging each other it is very important to ignore the world and start judging yourself. When I say start judging yourself has nothing to do with the actions and reactions of your behavior, it’s more about the feelings because I strongly believe that an individual personality is the byproduct of the way they think and feel. The amalgamation of both think+feel forms a package of feelings. Mostly disconcert, yet the most poisonous parcel you will receive anyhow. I know you may get a little confused … Continue reading Dispatching The Feelings