New age happiness is a mirage !

As-salamu alaykum(Peace be upon you)

Life is a candy nobody ever asks for but eventually ended up eating the whole packet. It is such an irony that just to be happy in life, we work and stress so much that we forget the scent of being happy in the long run.

Our society sadly has built the invisible manuscript of when and where and at what age, what kind of happiness one should feel and if someone delays/skip any of the steps mentioned in the manuscript then they are meant to be unhappy for life. But don’t you feel there should be another way around, where you should be doing things with the primary goal of being happy? A happy soul should be the main pillar of any manuscript?

It’s sad to know that we have been categorized into a living robot with input tasks given, and our outcome is our efficiency of how perfect humans are we, with no happiness portion whatsoever. As a female, the burden of these manuscripts is more, despite the fact that now we are living in a Feminist movement world.

I believe that emotions and the basic responsibilities are genderless, I want to shout out loudly to this blind world, but then again when the small basic need of life like ‘happiness’ is at the stake what else you would do to move forward. We have big people doing big things for big issues, but what about the basic needs, and it is important?

As a human, we have come way far, but did we really? I won’t mind going back to the cave if happiness is treated as essential as inhaling oxygen. Sadly but truly, happiness has become a Mirage Concept hiding behind a big milestone every time you think that after getting something you are going to be happy but remember mirage is just an illusion far, far away from reality!

Growing up I never realized that being happy is same as that being alive, as a child I was happy, perfectly happy, effortlessly happy, peacefully happy, calmly happy, and happy in all sense cause maybe I was not aware of the world, the peer pressure, the manuscript and above all I was not aware that my gender will play a huge part in that, as a female there was no description of us in the manuscript that this patriarchy driven society has built. Silly they, emotion is genderless, and this simple concept is yet very alien to many.

According to this manuscript, female happiness is totally dependent on male happiness. Before marriage, she is her father’s responsibility and after marriage her husband’s responsibility, more like an object going from one owner to another, so happiness is not even a secondary thing to be considered here.

Let’s just break this stereotype, let’s just make it clear that happiness lies within you, in the state of mind, irrespective of your gender in small things around, in nature, during sunset, sunrise, in that beautiful moon, stars, in rain, on seeing the smile on your parent’s face, watching birds flying high, sitting near a beach, tracking the mountain, going on a road trip, listening to your favorite music and in all those small things that you have ignored for so long, but depending only on the manuscript and checking right all the box in the manuscript is absolutely not the correct path towards happiness.

Let just first focus on one’s own happiness. A cost-free effortless happiness, How about making a morning routine that just before brushing our teeth you should just feel happy for waking up on your own leg, sleeping under roof with electricity running and pure water to drink, and our day will follow the same and believe me that happiness will make you stronger in good successful times and even stronger in bad failure times because by then you will realize that the most important thing for a human is nothing but a pure state of happiness.

So inhale happiness and put your specs on and grab all happiness around and inside you, and don’t forget to throw that manuscript at the nearest trash!

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Self love

As-salamu alaykum(Peace be upon you)

Being loved by someone or love someone, both are the most beautiful feelings in this world, that’s what most people say and believes. I have heard people saying that ‘I can’t live without him/her’…..blah blah blah goes on and on but my question is how???? Seriously how??? Though, Here I am not including bloodline(family members) and Almighty ofcourse!

Don’t you think people are confused and mistakenly considering responsibilities, care, condition, no way out, family pressure, with love and the worst part is that they are enjoying it like that knowingly or unknowingly. “Love” giving more than you should creates a huge problem, always!

Don’t consider me an evil non-loving girl but comeon we are wasting all the love in the extremely wrong direction and how can you give someone, something so much that you, yourself lack off. For example If you are full of some specific knowledge, wisdom then only you are capable of passing it on or else just pretending won’t help at all, in the same way before giving love on sale with a block letter saying ‘buy 1 get zillion free’ love yourself, please….!   

Love your raw-self as much as you can because no one, I repeat no one can do that for you apart from your own self. Self-love is the most important thing and a priceless gift you can give it to yourself. This is so silly that when we grow up as so-called social animals,Self-love transfers into self-ignorance which later turns into selfless in each term and condition.

Loving your raw-self, flaw-one, imperfect one, out of box one, carefree one, desire-one, dreamful one, selfish one, lust one. The one which the world defined as “RED ZONE-not allow”. Just love every inch of your true-self, unfiltered-one at every given stage of life. It takes a great courage to go back to start loving yourself, but worth a try and once you get used to it, love giving becomes so easy in a real sense, you will become more open to love, life,  thought process and the real meaning of your existence.

There are a lot of humans ready to pull you down at every microsecond of your life, you don’t need one more you to do that. When the entire world is against you and you are the only one standing strong for your own self that matters a universe in that situation and can completely turn the table upside down. Here the mantra is not just loving yourself but knowing the real you, inside-out and accepting that in all way,so here i am introducing my module of  ‘four-step self love method’ which is as simple and as important as it seems- 

  1. Know yourself  “raw-self”.
  2. Standing tall with who you are.
  3. Improve yourself,only if you feel like.
  4. Love the entire process and fall in love with yourself even more.

The step is hell hard at the beginning, I do agree but please do give it a try for yourself, enough for others, it’s time to stop and give yourself a try, a solid try!

When you absorb the love 


 When you reflect the love”

-soha kapadia

Love is sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes infinite, sometimes finite, sometimes with boundaries, sometimes without boundaries, sometimes with sense, sometimes without sense, sometimes with lust, sometimes without lust, sometimes wanted, sometimes unwanted, sometimes real, sometimes fake, sometimes from heart, sometimes without heart, sometimes for the world, sometimes for yourself, sometimes innocent one, sometimes sharp one, and the list goes on and on – “different shades of love”. Reflection of love will make the surrounding area foggy with love and maybe sometimes rain of love, and everything will fall into perfect places.

The choice lies in your hand which love you choose, which one you get into and for self -love, the only thing that matters is “YOU” and only “YOU”. it’s time you should get some “self-face” on and love the hell out of yourself because the most important human in your life in and after is “YOU” and only “YOU” 

Be the first priority of yourself


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Women’s day…..!


Happy women’s day to all the fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, sirs, in-laws, boy friends and,
to all the men in our lives who never ever discriminate our existence and are always so proud of us

Hopelessly lost

As-salamu alaykum(Peace be upon you)

There are situations in life where you know what to do and with that ‘what to do’ you get a confidence booster as well but what to do in a situation where you can’t stop chanting ‘I don’t know’.

In this post I tried to pen down a poetic approach towards hopelessness and how you can’t give up in the worst of the worst scenario. This poem is for you, me, us, and everyone who ever felt this way, so let’s just dive in;/

How to feel happy? I Don’t Know

How to stop feeling lonely all the time? I Don’t Know

How to bury all my worries deep down? I Don’t Know

How to kick out the anxiety? I Don’t Know

How to stop my brain from speaking zillion voices all at once and always? I Don’t Know

How to enjoy the calmness? I Don’t Know

How to sleep like a baby? I Don’t Know

How to eat like a free spirit? I Don’t Know 

How to embrace the relaxation in my head? I Don’t Know

How to live life? I Don’t Know

How to die? I Don’t Know

How to put the act of being all normal and ok to an end? I Don’t Know

How to remove this heaviness from my chest? I Don’t Know

How to control this uncontrollable flow of tears that holds my date every night? I Don’t Know

How to laugh from the soul? I Don’t Know

How to feel the positivity? I Don’t Know

How to save myself from drowning in the black dark ocean? I Don’t Know

How to open up to the people I love the most? I Don’t Know

I just freaking don’t know anything, ‘Just don’t know’. but Somehow Somewhere deep inside, I know that I can’t give up, that I can’t lose the battle, that I am stronger than I know myself, just I know that…..

and If I can do…. So can YOU….

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Every second~ I long to hold you so tight like there’s no other but just You&Me,
I need you,
I want you,
In all my mood swings above and beyond,
I have to have you anyhoo,
Your Warmth,
Your Smell,
Your Kiss,
N……and everything that i can’t express as Ineffable emotions are damn difficult to put into words but You My Love, More than Love❤💌